Building a global community of passionate and committed young people creating change at a local and global level – the next generation of intrepid global changemakers.

Over the last two years we have listened to and co-designed a revolutionary new social innovation platform with young people: YouthUX. 

YouthUX is a platform built by young people for young people. We believe in an inclusive future. One where the voices of ordinary young people can shape the world in which we all live. We are also passionate about social innovation and creating the environment where young people can learn new 21st Century skills and leave their “little dent in the universe, the world, their communities and themselves.”

Co-designed with Nybble Labs CIC and the Zano Collective who are also giving back ‘giving back’ their knowledge on creating new ideas, driving change and supporting young global changemakers that want to do the same.

By supporting and upskilling our young people to be the next disruptors, creators and innovators not only will they solve many of the “wicked problems” we face, but also learn new 21st century skills that will enable them to thrive and become more resilient in their future careers, the communities that they live in and be aware of what is required to build back and maybe even just hack their world to become a nicer, fairer and more just place to live.

Our WHY Statement

Inspiring Young Global Changemakers To Hack Their World For Good

Meet the minds behind YouthUX


Roger Warnock

Founder and Director of Zano Collective and Co-Director of Nybble Labs


Claire Dowds

Managing Director of Ormeau Baths and Co-Director of Nybble Labs


Sarah Scullion

Zano Collective Associate and Co-Founder of Community Calling

Zano Collective Associate and Co-Founder of Community Calling

Danielle Mills

Suleiman Abdulah

Nybble Labs Chair, CEO of HAPANI and Social Entrepreneur

Katherine Rowlandson

Nybble Labs Board and Founder of KIPPIE

Trinity Emmanuel

Founder era92 Global

Cynthia Kengaju

Digital Projects Manager era92 Creative

Brandon Tancott

Managing Director Webstreet & Webflow Leader

Project Partners

Funding Partners