We are YouthUX

The next generation of changemakers

We’re co-designing solutions to social and environmental problems – creating a global community of young people to be the next disruptors, creators and innovators.


Solving the wicked problems

Our mission is to develop solutions to the “wicked problems” of the world – problems that seem impossible to solve, like climate change, biodiversity loss, persisting poverty, the advancing obesity epidemic and food insecurity.

By tackling these problems, the teams will learn 21st-century skills that will enable them to thrive and become more resilient in their careers, communities and maybe even just hack our world to become a better place!


Why get involved?

YouthUX is looking for the next generation of committed and passionate global changemakers.

Problem Solving

Critical Thinking



Design Thinking



Join our community of social innovators

If you are an activist, innovator, disruptor or creator and you believe in the power of working together to solve big problems… join us!


What people say

Some feedback from our members and accelerator participants.

The pilot accelerator was amazing! I learnt so much from each session and it’s given me the tools to develop my business going forward. The pilot was so beneficial to me, growing in confidence, making new connections and learning how to create more impact through ourr social purpose. Thank you and good luck for future accelerators!

I felt that we were given an enormous about of help and support whenever we needed it, and the team pushed us to be proactive and work on the tools that had been provided. These tools have helped me throughout the accelerator and will serve me in the future too. The team has a lot of knowledge on various useful software and apps and I believe they were a huge help. Also I think the face to face interactions were extremely good to motivate me to work on my project, as I gained valuable suggestions and encouragement from the whole team and my competitors. Thank you all again!

Great to be involved and make new connections, a good point would be to offer specific 1-1 sessions for example if there is a mentor that is specific in investment or tech etc having the ability to book that skills session would be ideal to look at specific requirements.

I have learnt so much from the team at YouthUX, the panel and my competitors, and I’m so happy to have been part of such an amazing accelerator and to have made important connections!

I want to say thank you! What I have learnt in just 2 weeks is going to help me greatly in the next few months and further. The quality of the presentations/webinars, the sincerity of the mentors, support, the conversations, the follow-ups, the offers of support, the introductions and new connections has blown me away! Social innovation is definitely my favourite part of business.

I believe this is a good start. Often in virtual events, communication is the main hurdle, but my mentor really did a great job keeping us informed about everything happening in the space. The team have been really cooperative I would wish the best of luck for the next phase and hope to become part of that. Thank you again for having me